Cotton the Kitten

A friend found an abandoned kitten at the Bosphorus University. She was so tiny, so scared, hungry, dirty and covered with fleas. We took care of her. We first fed her, then washed her and got rid of the nasty fleas. She first started crying while we are washing her, but a few minutes later, she liked it and started purring. After all the care, she became a totally different kitten, a cotton candy, a princess. We named her Pamuk (cotton in Turkish). Now she is waiting for her forever parent(s). A few people already wanted to adopt her.

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An adorable cat family

An adorable cat family at the Bosphorus University. The mother appeared around two months ago. She was probably left by someone at the university campus because of she was pregnant. Three weeks ago, she gave birth to four kittens (one of them died shortly after, unfortunately). But the remaining trio (all male) are healthy and well. And they are cute and adorable too! I mean, look at the photos below!
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FIP Treatment – A Promising Research

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is a fatal disease that affects cats. Still, there is no cure for FIP and it is 100 percent fatal. The disease is caused by a mutation of feline enteric coronavirus (FECV) or simply Feline coronavirus (FCoV). But, according to a recent study, titled “Efficacy of a 3C-like protease inhibitor in treating various forms of acquired feline infectious peritonitis”, published in September 2017, an antiviral compound (GC376 protease inhibitor) has opened the door to targeted antiviral drug therapy and FIP treatment. The compound GC376 was originally synthesized in 2011 while looking for cures for the Norwalk virusNotes 1. It was found to have a broad spectrum of activity against other viruses – including the coronavirus family – one of which is the cause of FIP.

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Stray cat enters the live TV broadcast

During a live TV broadcast in Denizli, Turkey, a stray cat entered the studio, jumped on the table and started walking around. Finally, he laid down on the keyboard of the presenter’s laptop – a cat’s favorite place! The local TV station’s employees gave him the name of “Hüsnü”, a common Turkish male name. It has been also reported that the cute thing was adopted by Filiz Kurt, an employee of the TV station.
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