120-year-old cat photos restored by photographer – and the result is amazing

Even more than a century before the cats dominated the Internet, photographers were already in love with our adorable furry friends and taking many photos of them. French photographer and filmmaker living in Paris, Mathieu Stern found about 120-year-old cat photos in a hidden time capsule in his old family home. He estimates the box […]

Ebo, the smart robot companion for your cat

Ebo is a smart robot companion for your cat. It is specifically designed to prevent loneliness and boredom of our furry friends while we’re not at home. It is a Kickstarter project. Ebo’s production status is 90 percent completed (as of November 30, 2019) and the shipping will probably be started in December 2019 (according […]

10 Dog Breeds That Are Actually Friendly To Cats

Cats and dogs fight all the time, right? No. Not necessarily. There is a certain breed of dogs that can get along well with your feline friends. Good news for cat lovers who are looking into having canine friends as part of the family. It is possible to have them under one roof so long […]