Last Sunday, I was working at the computer at my desk. My love lotto climbed upon my lap and fell asleep, as usual. Our two sons Leo (tuxedo) and Nairo (Leo) were lying on my bed. Then I heard something behind me. I turned and saw a beautiful scene: Leo was licking his little brother Nairo lovingly.

I got close to them and started taking a video. Lotto was still on my lap. Then she also saw the scene and decided to join the party! She also started licking her two sons… all three cats, mother and two sons, started to showing love to each other. A happy cat family. I was very happy too. You can watch the video below.

After more than one year and a half from the birth, Lotto is still a loving and caring mother. Still, she licks her “babies” and cleans them, love them, every day, despite they are almost twice of her in size and weight.

M. Özgür Nevres

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