During a live TV broadcast in Denizli, Turkey, a stray cat entered the studio, jumped on the table and started walking around. Finally, he laid down on the keyboard of the presenter’s laptop – a cat’s favorite place! The local TV station’s employees gave him the name of “Hüsnü”, a common Turkish male name. It has been also reported that the cute thing was adopted by Filiz Kurt, an employee of the TV station.


After the cat jumps on the table, the presenter of the TV program, Kudret Çelebioğlu says “As you know, the winter is approaching. We have a surprise guest. We should love them and open our doors to them. Like we give them some water, a bowl of food. Now we’ll take him out of here (the studio), but when the program finished, I’ll take care of him.”

M. Özgür Nevres

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