How to tell if a cat is pregnant?

A female cat (or kitten) will first come into season (heat) as early as four month old. She can become pregnant with the first mating. A cat’s gestation normally takes 58–65 days, we can say around nine weeks (you can remember it by comparing months pregnancy for humans). Siamese cats may carry their kittens for 71 days.

There are some signs to tell if a cat is pregnant (bear in mind: not all signs apply to all cats):
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My kittens finally have names

Today, I brought my two tabby kittens to the vet for their first vaccines. The vet also gave them their passports, so I’d have to give them their names.

There was also Tour de France’s penultimate stage (Alpe d’Huez) today. Thibaut Pinot, the French rider of FDJ team attacked and won the stage. Nairo Quintana, Movistar’s colombian rider also attacked on the eventual winner Chris Froome. He gained some time on him, it was not enough to win the Tour, but it was a brave move.

So my babies had their names: Thibaut for number two, and Nairo for number five.
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Cats created our civilization

Well… at least they helped to its creation a lot. Let me explain.

Did you read Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel”? It’s a book worth reading. Diamond developed a career in ornithology and ecology, specializing in New Guinea and nearby islands. In the prologue of the book, Diamond recounts how he became intrigued when his New Guinean friend Yali asked, “Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea, but we black people had little cargo of our own?”

The cargo that Yali refers to is technology—tools as simple as axes; accessories such as umbrellas; and more complicated inventions such as cars, computers, cell phones, and the Internet. After all, Diamond points out, a mere two centuries prior to his meeting Yali, New Guineans were still using stone tools. What factors caused this gap between the development of one culture and another?
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