Why do cats pretend to bury food (even after they ate it?)

Has your cat ever pretended to bury her/his food? Even after eating it? Like they are burying their waste? My lovely Lotto usually does that, and I heard many similar stories from the other cat owners. At first, I thought she is doing that because she didn’t like the food; but no, she is sometimes doing it after eating some.

The other kitties at home don’t do that, except Leo (the number one Tuxedo). He is doing the exact same thing, eating a part of his food, then pretending to bury it. It was definitely clear that he liked the food because he ate it, so there must be another reason.

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Cats prefer classical music

I like classical music, and during and after her pregnancy, I always played clasical music to my dear Lotto. According to an article published in popular science (and that article refers to a paper published in Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery), during surgery, cats prefer listening to classical music over other music types i. e. rock. I think it also helps during the pregnancy period.
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Why cats are so cute?

Everybody knows that cats are so darn cute. People sometimes do weird things because of their cuteness level. Have you ever heard Bob’s story?

Bob is a software developer in his mid-40’s from United States, working in a “critical infrastructure” company. He was an “inoffensive and quiet” programmer with “a relatively long tenure with the company” and “someone you wouldn’t look at twice in an elevator.” In 2012, the company discovered that their systems were being accessed periodically from China. First, they suspected a hacking attempt. But no, it was not hacking. Somebody from China were accessing their systems using Bob’s credentials. But who gave them these credentials?
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Cat Grass

Cats often eat grass in the nature, my cats also eat a lot and it seems they really like it. It is not clear why cats eat grass. A few theories exist: one of them says that that habit has some evolutionary advantages: cats get extra niacin, a B vitamin abundantly available in most fresh young grain grasses. Some claim cats eat it to make themselves vomit. Some people believe cats eat grass to help pass fur balls along while others say they just need the fiber for other nutritional purposes. And some say cats eat it just because they like its taste or simply they like to “try” things.
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Advices for a first-time cat owner

Yes, it’s time to write an article about advices to a first-time cat owner. Wait, did I say cat owner? Oh no, that’s not true. We, humans, don’t own cats, cats own us instead. If you see things from that perspective, everything becomes clear. Anyway, if you owned by a cat for the first time, or at least let me say if you have a cat friend for the first time, here are some useful tips and advices below.
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