Ten ways of your cat is saying “I love you”

Cats are amazingly loving animals and to me (and to the most cat owners), their companionship is invaluable. Earning a cat’s love and trust is a great gift. There are many ways of a cat saying “I love you”, or “I am happy with you”, or “I feel really comfortable with you”. Here are ten of them.
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An unusual friendship between a goat and a tiger

In the Primorsky safari park in Russia, a goat had been served to a Siberian tiger (also known as Amur tiger) as a meal. But he (now his name is Timur) behaved so bravely, and the predator became his friend instead of eating him. Now the tiger and the goat are friends and live in the same cage. They sleep, walk and even eat together. Watch this amazing video!
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Cat walks for the first time thanks to his new titanium Legs

Another inspirational cat story which can bring many to tears: a 3-year-old domestic short-haired tabby named Vincent. His story started more than two years ago when his owner, Cindy Jones met him at the Story County Animal Shelter in Nevada, Iowa, where she works. Vincent was born with an abnormality in his hind legs and abandoned when he was only a month old.
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How Animals See The World?

Have you ever wondered how your dog or cat sees the world? Complex, image-forming eyes like a cat’s eye, a fly’s eye or a human’s eye, evolved independently some 50 to 100 times within a few million years, since rapid burst of evolution known as the Cambrian explosion. So there are a lot of different sized, different shaped and different working eyes.

The video presented by the BuzzFeed below shows us how some animals including cats and dogs see the world.
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Cassidy’s first steps in his tiny wheelchair

There are a lot of amazing and inspirational stories around the world about cats (and other animals), their survival, and the good people who helped them and saved them. I decided to create a separate category to include these stories. The first story is from Mountain View, California, United States. The heroes of the story is a tiny kitten named “Cassidy”, and the people who saved him and give him a second chance to live.
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Why do cats pretend to bury food [even after they ate it?]

Has your cat ever pretended to bury her/his food? Even after eating it? Like they are burying their waste? My lovely Lotto usually does that, and I heard many similar stories from the other cat owners. At first, I thought she is doing that because she didn’t like the food; but no, she is sometimes doing it after eating some.

The other kitties at home don’t do that, except Leo (the number one Tuxedo). He is doing the exact same thing, eating a part of his food, then pretending to bury it. It was definitely clear that he liked the food because he ate it, so there must be another reason.

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Cat tries to revive his dying girlfriend

A heartbreaking video. A male stray cat is trying to revive his dying girlfriend. Cats are the most beautiful and sentimental animals on earth. They deserve the best. Unfortunately, most of them are living in horrendous conditions.

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Cats prefer classical music

I like classical music, and during and after her pregnancy, I always played clasical music to my dear Lotto. According to an article published in popular science (and that article refers to a paper published in Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery), during surgery, cats prefer listening to classical music over other music types i. e. rock. I think it also helps during the pregnancy period.
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