On September 14, Monday, I was leaving the university (where I work) to go to home. I do a 5-minute walk through the garden to the bus on every evening. While climbing the ladders, I heard a cry (in fact a meow).

I stopped and listened. It was a little kitten’s meow, and it was filled with fear. It was around 20:20 so everywhere was dark. I started searching with my mobile phone’s light. I was getting closer… And there he was, a small, adorable male kitten. He was in fear and tried to run, but he was so weak. I caught him and hug him. He stopped crying. I decided to take him home, at least for a while.

I took a taxi, instead of bus, to bring baby to home as quick as possible.

The cute kitty was hungry but he didn’t eat cat food. So, I fed him with goat milk using a dropper. It turned out he didn’t pee for hours. I rubbed his genitals gently and he finally peed, and a lot.

The worst thing is… my cats didn’t welcome him. They started hissing him, trying to beat him. Lotto, Nairo and Thibaut were also hissing to each other, and even to me. So I decided to take the baby to the work.

The next morning, on Tuesday, I brought the kitty to the work. I planned to stay at the work during the night, so I took my sleeping mat with me.

The poor little thing was crying and meowing (at very high decibel!) if he couldn’t see me. I continued making him pee by gently rubbing, but at least he started eating dry food (if I moisten them with water). He still drinking water only from the dropper.

When I share the photos above on facebook, somebody asked me that what was his name. I thought and I decided to name him “Mare”, because of his beautiful navy-blue eyes. It means “sea”, “ocean” in Latin.

After giving him some water, I went home, to clean my cat’s litter. I quickly did that, and returned to the work at the midnight. The baby was sleeping when I was back. When I entered the office, he woke up. I fed him and slept with him that night. He was so innocent, so beautiful. He was licking my face occasionally during the night. Sometimes, I think he was seeing nightmares, he was getting awake in fear, but after feeling me I was still with him, he was calming dawn and cuddling me.

In the next day, Mare felt better. He even played games with me.

The second night at the office… I went home by bike, cleaned up my cat’s litter and again returned back to the office at the midnight.

Mare slept on my lap. He was completely feeling safe and secure now. His fear was gone.

On Thursday, I advertised on some animal adopting sites on the Internet about Mare. Three different families wanted him. I gave him the first one.

Here is the last photo with Mare, from the Friday morning. Bye bye, Mare! I really loved you. I had to do this, give you away. I hope you’ll have a long, healthy and most important, a happy life. I will never forget you. If I didn’t find you on the Monday night, you might be already dead. But now you have a life, and I hope a enjoyable one.

The last photo with Mare the kitten, 2015-09-18 Friday
The last photo with Mare, from the Friday morning. Bye bye Mare! I will never forget you.

And a video from the last day. Mare is playing with a ball.

Mare is with his new family:

M. Özgür Nevres

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