120-year-old cat photos restored by photographer – and the result is amazing

Even more than a century before the cats dominated the Internet, photographers were already in love with our adorable furry friends and taking many photos of them. French photographer and filmmaker living in Paris, Mathieu Stern found about 120-year-old cat photos in a hidden time capsule in his old family home. He estimates the box […]

Le Petit Ramoneur by Jules Bastien-Lepage

Le Petit Ramoneur (Damvillers) is an 1883 painting by the French painter Jules Bastien-Lepage (1 November 1848 – 10 December 1884). The name of the painting means “the little chimney sweeper” in English. In the painting, a little chimney sweep shares his hard-earned food with two adorable cats (a cat and a kitten). A very […]