Have you ever wondered how your dog or cat sees the world? Complex, image-forming eyes like a cat’s eye, a fly’s eye or a human’s eye, evolved independently some 50 to 100 times within a few million years, since rapid burst of evolution known as the Cambrian explosion. So there are a lot of different sized, different shaped and different working eyes.

The video presented by the BuzzFeed below shows us how some animals including cats and dogs see the world.

  1. Dogs (0:05)
    • Can see browns, yellows and blue
    • Have a wide peripheral vision
  2. Cats (0:18)
    • The cat skull is unusual among mammals in having very large eye sockets
    • Have an inner eyelid for protection
    • Can see browns, yellows and blues
  3. Birds (0:33)
    • Can see ultraviolet light (which humans cannot see)
    • Their eye muscles can focus on certain places
  4. Flies (0:44)
    • They have hundreds of thousands of tiny lenses in their eyes
    • Can see ultraviolet light
    • They see the world in slow-motion
  5. Snakes (0:57)
    • At night, they see heat signatures
  6. Sharks (1:10)
    • See clearly in water
    • Don’t see color
  7. Fish (1:20)
    • Can see red, green and blue
    • Ultraviolet color receptors
  8. Rats (1:30)
    • Each eye moves independently
    • They see the world in slow-motion
    • Blurry, they can’t see red


M. Özgür Nevres

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