There are a lot of amazing and inspirational stories around the world about cats (and other animals), their survival, and the good people who helped them and saved them. I decided to create a separate category to include these stories. The first story is from Mountain View, California, United States. The heroes of the story is a tiny kitten named “Cassidy”, and the people who saved him and give him a second chance to live.

Cassidy is a tiny male tuxedo feral cat. They use the hashtag “#MiracleKitten” to describe Cassidy, because he lost his rear legs after the birth (probably his mother accidentally chewed off his legs when trying to remove his umbilical chord) and somehow, miraculously managed to survive for nine weeks in the forest where he was born! After being found, he was taken into care by the non-profit cat sanctuary Tiny Kittens. “His little body had just about given out from starvation and infection by the time we rescued him, but he never gave up!”

By the time he was rescued, he had nearly starved to death and his depleted body had stopped fighting a horrific E. Coli infection in both stumps. The cute little kitten taken into the Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, and cured. After his life was saved, Andrew at for making the tiniest wheelchair he’s ever made, using 3D printing technique. And the beautiful creature took his first steps in his life! See the video below:

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Tiny Kittens is a 100% volunteer-run organization, and their purpose is to blaze new trails in animal rescue. “We want to show that every life has value, and we often prove that by taking on the really hard cases that wouldn’t be given a chance anywhere else. We are driven to fulfil our purpose by developing new programs with an impact that radiates far beyond our daily rescue activities.” tinykittens

You can check out Cassidy’s progress on TinyKittens web page. You can also help the organization to continue their amazing work and save more lives by donating here.

Tinny Kittens youtube page

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