According to the Guinness World Records book, Scooter, a 30-year-old Siamese from Mansfield, Texas, is officially the new oldest living cat. 30 cat years is the equivalent of approximately 136 human years!

Scooter was born on March 26, 1986 and he is still an active cat. He lives with his owner Gail Floyd, who was there the day the kitten was born, and according to the owner, “he likes to see new places and he likes people”.

Scooter claims the title from previous record holder 26-year-old Corduroy (b. 1 August 1989), of Sisters, Oregon.

The Guiness World Records video about Corduroy, the previous record holder (and some other cat records, including the largest living feline, Hercules the liger).

The average lifespan of the house cats is 15 years, which is the equivalent of approximately 76 human years.

Cat Years vs Human Years Chart

Keep in mind that cat age and health don’t necessarily follow a one-to-one comparison to humans. Usually, around their first birthday, they are tallest/longest. Some breeds, their skeleton keeps growing a little bit longer, some stop growing a little bit earlier. But “one year” is the average time for complete skeletal growth. During your cat’s second year of life, s/he may continue filling out, but his bones are most likely set and his nutritional requirements are stabilizing.

Life Stage Age of Cat Human Equivalent
Kitten 0-1 month 0-1 year
2-3 months 2-3 years
4 months 6-8 years
6 months 10 years
Junior 7 months 12 years
12 months 15 years
18 months 21 years
2 years 24 years
Prime 3 28
4 32
5 36
6 40
Mature 7 44
8 48
9 52
10 56
Senior 11 60
12 64
13 68
14 72
Geriatric 15 76
16 80
17 84
18 88
19 92
20 96
21 100
22 104
23 108
24 112
25 116
26 120
27 124
28 128
29 132
30 136


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