Number four and five of Lotto’s kittens, are two twin tabbies, and I am sure they are both from the same father. They really look like each other. Number four is a female, and the number five is a male.

How is it possible that kittens have more than one father in a single litter? Because a female cat in heat can have multiple eggs, and the eggs can be released over around 24 hours, sometimes even over several days of her cycle. If she mated with more than one cat within this time span, there can be more than one different fathers.

I think my Lotto mated with at least three, and maybe four male cats! Number one is a tuxedo, number two, four and five are tabbies (but number two looks really different – so I think he is from another father), and number three is a yellow kitten.

May 13, 2015 - The kittens
A female cat can be mated with more than one male. I think Lotto was mated with at least three, and maybe even four males. Numbers from left to right: four, two, five, three (yellow) and one. I think numbers four and five are from the same father, while the rest are from different fathers each.
M. Özgür Nevres

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