Cats are amazingly loving animals and to me (and to the most cat owners), their companionship is invaluable. Earning a cat’s love and trust is a great gift. There are many ways of a cat saying “I love you”, or “I am happy with you”, or “I feel really comfortable with you”. Here are ten of them.

1. Tail up

Tail up cat
The higher the cat carry its tail, the more content and happy s/he is. Photo:

When your cat holds her tail high in the air as she moves around, this means s/he’s expressing confidence and contentment. The higher they carry it, the more content and happy they are. While a straight tail signals happiness and a willingness to be friendly, a little twitch can mean a particularly happy moment.

2. Rubbing their head/face against your face

When your cat rub its face against your face, s/he is marking you as one of their own with the concentrated scent glands in their cheeks and head. This means your cat is really loving you and seeing you as a family member.

3. Staring at you

A staring kitten
A staring kitten

Your cat is fixing its eyes on you and stare at you… you can feel a little bit weird, but it’s quite normal. Cat eyes blink less frequently than human eyes. More important, a steady, long, soft gaze means that they feel safe and comfortable with you.

4. Running between your legs

Cat rubbing its body against legs
Cat rubbing its body against legs

If your cat is running around you, between your legs, and rubbing her/his body against your legs, this mean they are marking you with their scent. You’re a trusted person for the cat and in some fashion, s/he “owns” you from now on. They may also seek attention, begging for petting etc…

5. Following you everywhere

2015-07-04-05 Lotto and kittens
If your cat is following you from room to room, and prefer sitting on your desk, this means s/he likes being with you. S/he likes you.

From room to room, even in the bathroom… it’s just a sign that they really like you and want to be wherever you are.

6. Sleeping on your bed, with or without you

May 20, 2015 The Yellow Kitten is sleeping (06)
Sleeping on your bed

If your cat prefers sleeping on your bed (while you’re in or not) this means s/he wants to sleep where your scent is strong. Your cat really likes you.

If you leave your cat outside of the bedroom when you sleep, and your cat repeatedly thump the door, scratch the carpet or mew loudly and constantly outside the door, this simply means love! Please let her/him in!

7. Kneading

Lotto the cat kneading me
My dear Lotto usually kneads me.

If your cat is curled up and kneading your lap while you’re petting her/him, s/he’s returning the affection and telling you he loves you right back. This can be painful sometimes (“love hurts”), since the happier s/he is, the harder s/he’ll dig in. Try placing a thick, soft barrier between the cat and your lap, or gently place the cat on her/his back and pet his belly if it gets too intense. However, do NOT punish your cat for this behavior since s/he doesn’t realize it hurts.

8. Showing its belly to you

2015-06-14-02, White Feet Male Tabby
If your cat shows its belly to you, this means s/he really likes and trusts you.

All felines feel and look pretty vulnerable to predators when their stomachs are exposed, so it’s not a natural state for them to assume. If your cat freely and without reservations shows you its belly, it basically means that s/he’s comfortable enough around you to exposed. Cats frequently show their tummies as a way of expressing unwavering trust.

9. Purring

"Will purr for belly rubs"
“Will purr for belly rubs”

Oh, how adorably a purring cat is! Every cat lover knows that great feeling, it’s one of the most lovingly ways a cat is expressing its happiness.

10. Slow blinking

Mare the kitten sleeping, 2015-09-17-05
My baby is slow blinking at me…

Your cat’s slowly blinking at you is a sign of pure love, and it’s often even referred to as a “kitty kiss.” You can say “I love you, too” by slow-blinking back!

You can apply this behavior to all cats, and when you meet with a cat for the first time, slowly blink at her/him, with that, s/he will feel more comfortable with you.

All cats, even big cats tend to have the “slow blinking eyes” thing going on. Try this: next time you’re at the zoo, blink slowly at a tiger or a lion, rather than staring directly into its eyes, and see if you gain a new feline friend.


M. Özgür Nevres

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