A few days ago, a friend (a student at the Bosphorus University) found an adorable kitten on the campus. She was so cute, so innocent, at the same time so vulnerable. Unfortunately, dogs frequently kill the cats here, so we decided to keep her in one of our offices.

At first, she was shy, but she quickly started liking us. She never stopped purring.

Pelin, the student who found the kitten, decided to take the kitten to her family’s home. They live in Denizli, a town in the southwest Turkey. Today, the kitten (now named Mishka) made the first intercity travel in her life. And it seems she really liked traveling! Just look at the photos below!

Mishka in the bus - 1
Pelin and Mishka went to the airport by bus.
Mishka in the bus - 2
What a wonderful world!
Mishka in the bus - 2
Lots of interesting things to see!
Mishka on the plane
On the plane
Mishka on the plane
This is the first time she is over the clouds.
Mishka in Denizli
They have landed in Denizli. Now heading towards her forever home.

Liyana, a Reddit user has made a sketch of Mishka, “wanna get away kitty”. It’s so beautiful!

Mishka "wanna get away kitty"
Mishka “wanna get away kitty”

You can see Liyana’s Instagram account. She has also an Etsy page.

And a very cute poem that a Reddit user “WildcatEmperor” wrote:

My name iz cat
I on dis plane
It gos up hi
Then down agayn
My ears dey pop
But iz ok
Cuz soon we land
n der I stay!

M. Özgür Nevres

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