A heartbreaking video. A male stray cat is trying to revive his dying girlfriend. Cats are the most beautiful and sentimental animals on earth. They deserve the best. Unfortunately, most of them are living in horrendous conditions.

Cat tries to revive his dying girlfriend

The video was uploaded on YouTube in 2012. I don’t know what the male cat is doing right now. I am afraid, he, too, already died, if nobody had adopted him.

The video was filmed in Turkey (Kızılsaray district of Antalya). According to the video, “a stray cat trying to revive his female friend who got hit by a car. Even though some people tried to help him, the white cat wouldn’t let them come near for two straight hours. Finally, a vet arrived and took the injured cat. Sadly, it was too late and he couldn’t resuscitate the feline.”

Obviously, the male cat is tortured inside of him. He lay there heartbroken.

Please adopt cats, never buy them from pet shops. Feed them, love them. They deserve a much better life.

M. Özgür Nevres

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