I decided to try something new and prepared some cat pudding (just a tiny amount of) for the mother and the kittens. It seems they liked it.

Here Lotto is eating her pudding. She really likes being served!

Lotto eating cat pudding

And the orange kitten – he eats literally everything!

The orange kitten eating cat pudding

And the white-feet leopard tabby, number two.

The tabby kitten kitten eating cat pudding

Cat pudding recipe

Here is the cat pudding recipe:


  1. A glass of chicken broth (250 ml) – no salt, no spices, nothing
  2. A spoon of wheat flour
  3. Some goat milk (20-30 ml)

Put them into a bowl and mix them. Put the mix on the fire, and continue mixing until it becomes creamy, just like pudding. Cool it down until it is around the room temperature, and it’s ready.

M. Özgür Nevres

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