On August 26, 2018, Sunday, I went for a 100-km training ride, as usual. My plan was to ride to the airport. When I reached the airport, which is around 50 km from home, I stopped to take photos of the landing planes. Suddenly, I heard a meow. I looked around and saw an adorable tabby kitten running towards me, crying. She was around 4 weeks old and was looking very hungry.

What should I do? First I thought of buying some food for her. But I was literally in the middle of nowhere – no pet shop or even a grocery store around. And this adorable little thing was crying for help.

I decided to carry her, to the Bosphorus University, Where I work. But I wasn’t quite sure if I could do that. She could try to escape. She could even jump out while I was riding, in the middle of the traffic!

But I had to try. I couldn’t leave her there. I put her in my jersey, then started pedaling slowly. Amazingly, she wasn’t scared. She even enjoyed the journey! She stuck her head out of my jersey and started watching around. A few minutes later, I was sure that she wasn’t going to jump out. So I started pedaling at normal speed. I even did some tempo.

I carried her around 30 km from the airport to the Bosphorus University. I gave her food, and left her there, then went home.

I carried an abandoned kitten 30 km by bicycle.

The next day, I announced on a pet adaptation website that I was looking for a loving family for her. In a few hours, I received a phone call. Long story short, this adorable little kitten now has a loving family. Another happy ending.

Sky the kitten
I temporarily named her “Sky”. In this photo, she is at my office in the Bosphorus University.
Sky the kitten playing
She was so playful! It seems she really liked the toy mouse. Oh, those beautiful innocent eyes!
Sky the kitten befriended with a budgerigar
This photo was taken at her new house. She befriended with a budgerigar there! They gave her the name of “Mila”.
Mila the kitten playing with a budgerigar.

This event featured in the popular T.V. show “RightThisMinute”:

M. Özgür Nevres

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