I spent last April’s last weekend with my lovely Lotto and her five kittens. They were amazing and unforgettable moments for me. Lotto nursed and took care of her kittens, I played with them, they played with each other, etc…

Lotto (and the kittens) always go where I go. Here, in the video below, I was sitting in the bathroom and Lotto jumped on my lap. Then, the number five (a male tabby) also jumped on my lap and started suckling her mother’s breast. You can hear even his sucking noise and the flowing of the milk!

A weekend with cats: Lotto is nursing her fifth kitten
A weekend with cats: Lotto is breastfeeding her fifth kitten on the couch.
A weekend with cats: My dear Lotto is breastfeeding her kitten (number 5, a male tabby) at the bathroom, on my lap

But why are they in the bathroom with me?

Every cat lover knows that cats like being with us in the bathroom. But why are they do that?

Why do cats come to the bathroom with us?

Some speculations exist:

  1. Cats have that toddler mentality and if you’re doing anything behind closed doors it means you’re having fun without them. They want in on it.
  2. Cats just don’t like being shut out or ignored. While you’re in a bedroom with doors closed, they feel ignored and/or being shut.
  3. Cats love to hear things so much. And the sounds we make in the bedroom, splashes, and even the tinkling – those are nature sounds, evoking fish and waterfalls.
  4. Human bathrooms tend to be one of the coolest places in the home, because of the tile, small space, and typically fewer windows. Cats tend to be furry heat-seeking missiles that relish lounging in warm places, but a few -like my dear Lotto and her kittens- enjoy cool spots. These kitties seem to appreciate spending time on the cool tile, damp towels, or other slick or cool surfaces.
  5. And finally, kitties that spend time in the bathroom, and actually do receive special attention -brushing, or petting, or talking- are rewarded for the visit. That ensures they’ll repeat the positive experience! Even the paw-swipes under the door that are ignored for many minutes end up being rewarded when the door finally opens (cats may assume that their meows or paw-swipes are magically opened-sesame). And actually, the longer the cat complains and paws the door and then ultimately is rewarded, the more it teaches the cat that persistence pays off!

And they continue on the couch 🙂

A weekend with cats: Mother cat breastfeeding the kitten on the couch

The evening… Still no rest for my dear Lotto. The 2nd kitten, a male leopard tabby, plays with her mother’s tail. He always enjoyed that, he still plays with her mother’s tail on every occasion.

A weekend with cats: Mother cat’s tail as a toy

It’s Sunday morning. Lotto and five kittens successfully enter a tiny cat hut.

A weekend with cats: Mother cat and five kittens in a tiny hut

And Sunday evening, a very special moment! The yellow kitten (number three) eats a meal for the first time! See how cute and lovely he is!

A weekend with cats: orange kitten’s first meal


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M. Özgür Nevres

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