First days of kittens

After the birth, my dear Lotto has taken care of her five kittens very good. In the first few days were the hardest. She was taking care of her kittens almost 20 hours in a day: licking them, nursing them. Even when they’re sleeping, when it’s time, Lotto was waking up them and let them suck her breasts. She slept so little. So she was always tired, but a proud mother.
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Lotto the cat gives a birth – amazing experience

And the time has come. At the March 24th night, Lotto ate nothing. I understand something was going to happen. Something exciting. The most wonderful thing on earth: my dear little lotto was going to give birth.

She wanted her box in the living room. I prepared her box. She went in and out a couple of times. Then she climbed up on the coach and started lying there. I brought my sleeping bag to the living room and spent all night with my dear Lotto. But nothing happened. At 6:00 am in the morning, I went back to my bed.

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Lotto is pregnant

After a few days bringing Lotto to home, I noticed that her tummy was getting slightly bigger. I first thought that she is eating too much and tried to limit her food intake. But she was really, really has had a BIG appetite, so I suspected another thing. I checked her tummy with my hand, and felt something! Yes, my little girl was pregnant! Despite still she herself a little kitten!
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Lotto at home

I brought Lotto at home on February 13. On the first night, she slept a lot. She quickly learned how to use the litter box (later I bought her a covered one). Then she started searching for hidden places. At first, I didn’t get it. Later I found out why.

I live with my mum and she also loves cats. While I working, my mother takes care of her.

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