Lotto is pregnant

After a few days bringing Lotto to home, I noticed that her tummy was getting slightly bigger. I first thought that she is eating too much and tried to limit her food intake. But she was really, really has had a BIG appetite, so I suspected another thing. I checked her tummy with my hand, and felt something! Yes, my little girl was pregnant! Despite still she herself a little kitten!
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Lotto at home

I brought Lotto at home on February 13. On the first night, she slept a lot. She quickly learned how to use the litter box (later I bought her a covered one). Then she started searching for hidden places. At first, I didn’t get it. Later I found out why.

I live with my mum and she also loves cats. While I working, my mother takes care of her.

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How I met Lotto the Cat

In October 2014, a cute, lovely male cat started coming to our office in the Bosphorus university (I work as a software developer in a small software company at the Teknopark in the Bosphorus university). He was coming, sleeping, and then going. I bought some cat food started feeding him.
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