Sarman the orange cat – first day at the office (August 16, 2016)

Sarman the orange cat - first day at the office (August 16, 2016)

In August 2016, in the North campus of the Bosphorus University, Istanbul (where I work in), I saw a cute, little orange kitten. He was so tiny, so vulnerable. But he was also very timid, scared of everything and everybody – dogs, other cats, people, even me. When I try to give some food to him, he was running away. He was only eating the food after I walked away a bit. Sometimes I was waiting for a certain distance to enable him to eat his food. Because dogs were around.

One morning, while I was walking fast, I noticed that something, something little, was clinging to my leg. I looked down – it was him! The cute little kitten was so hungry that his hungriness has overcome to his fear. And he recognized me, and decided to beg for some food. It was a very emotional moment for me. I gave him some food, he started scoffing. He was adorable! After he finished eating, I took him to my office. After that day, he never left my side. He went wherever I go in the campus. He was waiting me at our office door every morning, and after eating his food, he was sleeping by my side. Sometimes on my desk, sometimes on my lap.

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