Sarman the orange cat - first meeting (August 16, 2016)

In August 2016, in the North campus of the Bosphorus University, Istanbul (where I work in), I saw a cute, little orange kitten. He was so tiny, so vulnerable. But he was also very timid, scared of everything and everybody – dogs, other cats, people, even me. When I try to give some food to him, he was running away. He was only eating the food after I walked away a bit. Sometimes I was waiting for a certain distance to enable him to eat his food. Because dogs were around.

One morning, while I was walking fast, I noticed that something, something little, was clinging to my leg. I looked down – it was him! The cute little kitten was so hungry that his hungriness has overcome to his fear. And he recognized me, and decided to beg for some food. It was a very emotional moment for me. I gave him some food, he started scoffing. He was adorable!

He had problem in his eyes – which I treated in a few days.

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